OS4-2 Toward Artificial Intelligence by using DNA molecules

Publication: ICAROB2018
Volume: 23
Pages: 345-347
ISSN: 2188-7829
DOI: 10.5954/ICAROB.2018.OS4-2
Author(s): Yasuhiro Suzuki, Rie Taniguchi
Publication Date: February 2, 2018
Keywords: DNA computing, Molecular Robotics, Strand Displacement Reactions
Abstract: Molecule Robotics have been realized by using bio molecules such as DNA, proteins, for example in Molecular Robotics Research Project [2012-17, JSPS]; bio molecules, such as DNA or proteins are highly structured and they already have a kind of "intelligence" and adapt environment change. Hence, we have tried to extract their "ability" and induce Intelligence artificially. We have used well-known DNA reactions, Seesaw gate reaction and we found that DNA molecule can senses concentration of single strand input sequence or quasi-input (mismatch, point mutation, including sequence) and chooses higher concentration one; this result shows DNA molecule (short DNA sequence) can adapt its environment.
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