GS2-3 Detection of Eye Misalignment Using an HMD with an Eye-tracking Capability

Publication: ICAROB2023
Volume: 28
Pages: 863-867
ISSN: 2188-7829
DOI: 10.5954/ICAROB.2023.GS2-3
Author(s): Yoki Nagatomo, Noriyuki Uchida, Takuya Ikeda, Kayoko Takatsuka, Masayuki Mukunoki, Naonobu Okazaki
Publication Date: February 9, 2023
Keywords: eye position examination, cover test, strabismus/heterophoria
Abstract: In this study, we implemented the Cover Test, a test method for diagnosing eye misalignment using a head-mounted display with an eye-tracking capability. Specifically, we created a virtual examination environment in a VR space. The eye-tracking technique collected eye movements immediately after the covering or uncovering of the eyes. Thus, we calculated the amount of eye deviation and developed a system to determine the presence and magnitude of strabismus and heterophoria.We assessed the system in the verification experiment by examining the consistency between the judgment results provided by this system and the clinical evaluation approach with the Maddox rod. The result was that we could verify the horizontal eye movements more accurately.
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