OS17-2 Graphical User Interface Design for a UAV Teleoperation

Publication: ICAROB2022
Volume: 27
Pages: 678-681
ISSN: 2188-7829
DOI: 10.5954/ICAROB.2022.OS17-2
Author(s): Roman Lavrenov, Ramil Safin, Yang Bai, Edgar A. Martínez-García, Roman Meshcheryakov
Publication Date: January 20, 2022
Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV, GUI, Teleoperation, Control
Abstract: The number of drones being used around the world grows at a high speed. New drones' manufacturers are emerging and new drone designs are being developed. Most drones are controlled by remote control, while UAV joysticks and communication protocols are different. However, the Robotic Operating System (ROS) unifies the control process for drones. In this article, we present a universal graphical interface for controlling drones using ROS. The program is written in C++ and Qt Framework. It enables to control UAVs, receive and visualize the data from drones. Due to the use of ROS topics, this program can be applied to any drone integrated with ROS.
PDF File: https://alife-robotics.co.jp/members2022/icarob/data/html/data/OS/OS17/OS17-2.pdf
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