OS20-3 Automatic Assessing Body Condition Score from Digital Images by Active Shape Model and Multiple Regression Technique

Publication: ICAROB2017
Volume: 22
Pages: 311-314
ISSN: 2188-7829
DOI: 10.5954/ICAROB.2017.OS20-3
Author(s): Nay Chi Lynn, Thi Thi Zin, Ikuo Kobayashi
Publication Date: January 19, 2017
Keywords: Body Condition Score, Active Shape Model, Multiple Regression Analysis, Angle features
Abstract: Body Condition Score (BCS) of a dairy cow is a magnificent indicator for determining energy reserves of cows. The purpose of this study is to assess BCS of dairy cattle by analyzing cows' rear-view images. In order to do so, we first model shape of cow's tailhead area by using active shape model. Then, angle features are modelled as multiple regression model for estimating scores. The experimental results show that proposed system is promising compared to some existing methods.
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