OS4-3 Differential and Integration of Sensation and its Application

Publication: ICAROB2018
Volume: 23
Pages: 348-351
ISSN: 2188-7829
DOI: 10.5954/ICAROB.2018.OS4-3
Author(s): Yasuhiro Suzuki
Publication Date: February 2, 2018
Keywords: Computational Aesthetics, Tactile Communication, Tactile Score, Kansei Computing
Abstract: Our sense can be seen as a dynamical system in multi-dimensional sensory space, where each dimension corresponds to the sort of sense such as visual, audio, tactile, and so on. Our sensory systems are composed of differentiators and we perceive sensory stimulations through differentiating sensory stimulations. In order to calculate differentiation of sense, we have to set measurable quantity of the sense, we can use not only quantity measure such as brightness of picture, loudness of sound but also can use quality measure such as value of Semantic Differential (SD) method for measuring impressions or emotion such as beautiful, fear, happy. We propose a method of Differential and Integration of sensation and we show the case when transforming a drawing of Piet Mondrian's "1921" into a music piece by using this method.
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